Legacy Lifestyle Rewards

How it Works

With more than 250 Lifestyle Partners where you can Earn and Spend cash-back rewards, it is easy to see why we are South Africa’s fastest growing multi-partner rewards programme. Registration is free and in a few quick steps you will have access to you can unlock access to a myriad of exclusive benefits, privileges and cash-back rewards.

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Let's Get You Started

It is free to sign up, and there are no monthly fees to be a Legacy Lifestyle Member. Your mobile becomes your membership number, so there is no need for another card in your wallet.

We require certain information to create and manage your Legacy Lifestyle account and your Lifestyle Rands, including your ID number, without which, you cannot Spend your Lifestyle Rands. The information you provide is confidential and we do not share it with anybody.


Start Earning Immediately

Legacy Lifestyle Members can Earn cash-back Rewards at over 250 different Lifestyle Partners. Rewards are automatically credited to your virtual account in the form of Lifestyle Rands. 1 Lifestyle Rand is equal to 1 South African Rand, and can be spent anywhere within the Partner network.

Earning Rewards is easy; simply enter your mobile number on the terminal provided in-store at any Lifestyle Partner.

Alternatively, log in to your Legacy Lifestyle dashboard here, or on the app, and discover a number of ways to Earn Rewards and unlock benefits.


Reward Yourself

Lifestyle Rands can be Spent at any Partner in the Legacy Lifestyle network. That means that once you’ve saved enough Rewards, you have over 250 different places to Spend them! You can even use your Lifestyle Rands to pay for part of your bill.

To Spend your Lifestyle Rands, simply enter your mobile number and your self-selected 5-digit PIN on the terminal provided in-store.

If you’re more of the tech-savvy type, log in to your Lifestyle dashboard here, or download the app to Spend or Convert your Rewards online.

Things to Remember

  • We will never sell or divulge your personal information.
  • We use the information that you provide to us, solely for the purpose of enhancing your Legacy Lifestyle Membership
  • Members are required to provide and verify their mobile numbers in order to set up and maintain a valid Legacy Lifestyle account
  • Due to various regulatory requirements, Members are required to provide their name, surname and ID number, to begin Spending Lifestyle Rands
  • We think that cash-back is more valuable than points, so 1 Lifestyle Rand is equal to 1 South African Rand
  • Lifestyle Rands cannot be cashed out. They can only be spent, either in-store, or online, within the Legacy Lifestyle Partner network.
  • To ensure the security and integrity of the Legacy Lifestyle Partner network, Lifestyle Rands may only be spent after a 30 day pending period
  • Lifestyle Rands expire after 36 months. We figure that’s more than enough time for you to spend them at one of our 250 Partners
  • If your Legacy Lifestyle account becomes inactive for three months, we are going to charge you 4 Lifestyle Rands per month, to keep your account open
  • Every programme needs a few rules, so that everyone knows how it works. Ours can be read here: Terms & Conditions