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Why Lifestyle Travel Live?

There are specific trips that even the world's most savvy travellers wouldn't want to book online. Sometimes you need an expert's advice or someone you trust to take the hassle of travel planning off your shoulders. That's where Lifestyle Travel Live come in. Lifestyle Travel Live is Lifestyle Travel's team of highly specialised travel agents who are available to assist with all travel booking. With an average of 9 years' experience per agent, these guys are more than qualified to help you find and book the perfect trip.

If you’re uncomfortable booking flights online or on our app (sometimes technology can be scary), contacting Lifestyle Travel Live means you don’t have to miss out on Lifestyle Travel’s great flight specials and constantly kickass fares. If you’re booking flights for a group or a complex itinerary with many stops, the Lifestyle Travel Live team can help you find and book the right trip for your budget and individual needs, turning complicated travel planning into a simple email.

Lifestyle Travel Live specialise in custom packages, hotels and car rental too. Whether you’re dreaming of a relaxing cruise, taking the family to Sun City, need help finding a great hotel or want to go all-inclusive at Beachcomber Mauritius, Lifestyle Travel Live is the team that is just an email away.

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